Also called a Monroney Label, this is the sticker that is affixed to a brand new car when it is delivered to the consumer. A law was passed by the 85th Congress in 1958 requiring all automobile manufacturers to affix a price label to all new automobiles showing Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices for vehicle and all options installed at the factory. This law is Public Law 85-506 and was proposed by Senator John Monroney, hence the name Monroney Label. This was to begin with the introduction of the new 1959 models. Early window stickers were very basic., listing dealer info and optional equipment only. Beginning in 1962, some manufacturers started using it as a sales tool. In addition to the options, These companies started listing standard items as well. Chevrolet started listing standard items in 1968 for all cars except the Corvette. The Corvette used the truck window sticker from 1968 through 1975 and did not list any standard items until 1976.

Email us to see if your vehicle is available.

The cost varies depending on vehicle. Pull up your vehicle and check out the pricing. The cost that is shown is for 1 paper copy.  At the end of the ordering process, we will ask you if you want extra copies at $10.00 each (If so, how many?) and do you want them laminated at $3.00 each (If so, How many?)

If your car is a show car, this is a definite asset. It will be one of the first things that people will look at when you are showing the car. Some car shows such as Bloomington Gold require you to have a list of options on the car. What better way than a reproduction of the window sticker.

The prices shown on reproduction sticker are taken from manufacturers price lists from each year of production and from actual window stickers and carbon copies of window stickers that we have on file. We will attempt to price the sticker exactly as the original sticker for your car was done. An example would be the 1979 Corvette. There were 8 different price changes during the model year 1979 involving items such as A/C, Tilt Wheel, etc becoming standard and effecting the base price. By your VIN# we would know what prices are correct for your car. All Corvette window stickers are priced exactly as car was originally delivered.

Yes. Each reproduction has been re-printed from an original window sticker for each year.

If the original manufacturer listed standard items, then they will be listed on your reproduction. Corvette standard items were not listed on window sticker until 1976. Camaro, Chevelle, Impala , Nova etc. standard items were listed beginning in 1968. Items will be listed as manufacturer did originally.

All reproduction window stickers for 1981 through the current year list the estimated mileage as well as standard and optional items.

With exception of the 1986 through 1988 GM models, all window sticker reproductions have some color background printed on them. This is exactly as the original manufacturer did, including the 1986 through 1988 models.

If you have a Pontiac or your car was delivered in Canada, you can find out from PHS-ONLINE.COM or from GM OF CANADA. If you have something other than these, the only thing you can do is try to trace it back to the original owner. One source of information on this is Barbara Spear’s Yankee Lady Corvette Gazette articles on tracing cars. Until you do find the correct dealer, we can choose a dealer from a particular area for you. This would be a dealer that was in business when your car was delivered. If you have a 1967 through 1972 Corvette, the dealer number and zone number are printed on tank sticker. We can help you find out who it was. Check our Corvette page for further info.

Beginning in 1984, all Corvettes had a SPI Label affixed to the console/glove box lid and in the rear of 95 and newer Vettes. Monte Carlos and Impalas have it affixed to the inside of trunk lid. Camaros and Trucks have it in the glove compartment. If you have one, include copy with your order.

Your order could take 3-4 weeks to complete.

The years and models we presently cover are all listed on our Home page. We would like to add the 81-88 Oldsmobiles but need to accumulate more copies of original window stickers before we can do this.  We are working to add these years and models only. We are currently working with the Allante Appreciation Group to reproduce window stickers for these special automobiles.

An order can be expedited. There will be an extra charge. The order will be made ahead of other orders received. It will only be shipped by Priority mail. Priority mail does not mean 2 day delivery. We are not responsible for USPS delivery timing.

Each order is shipped in a large flat envelope and are marked DO NOT BEND. Orders are shipped First Class mail or Priority Mail.

The sticker is sealed in a 5 mil plastic, which will protect the sticker from being damaged and is strongly recommended. If you feel that you can laminate it yourself, remember that sometime a sticker is damaged in the laminating process. If it is our lamination, it gets redone at no charge. If it is done elsewhere, the sticker has to be repurchased.

If you provide us with original paper work such as build sheet/tank sticker, dealer invoice or original window sticker, your reproduction will be exactly like the original.

Sorry, we are a part-time business and do not have a business phone. Any and all questions can be asked by mail or email. We will answer any and all questions. Orders must be in writing, by e-mail or snail-mail.  Our contact info is below:

Email: triplea@window-sticker.com

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